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FIJI Water shifts to 100% recycled plastic*

FIJI water bottle

FIJI Water has taken a big step in its commitment to environmental sustainability. 

The company, which sources natural spring water from the Fijian islands, has transitioned its best-selling 500 mL and 330 mL bottles to 100% recycled plastic (rPET) in Canada. The move replaces nearly 70% of FIJI Water’s bottle volume worldwide with recycled material. Globally, FIJI Water is working to transition its entire bottle portfolio (which also includes 700 mL, 1 L and 1.5 L bottles) to recycled plastic by 2025. 

“In our transition to recycled plastic, our intention is to make a truly meaningful and lasting environmental impact,” says Wai Mei Lee, vice president of international, FIJI Water, a division of The Wonderful Company. 

As PET and rPET share nearly all the same qualities – they’re both shatterproof, lightweight and suitable for use in food packaging – consumers likely won’t notice a difference. “In using recycled plastic, we give new life to existing materials while maintaining the same great taste, look and quality that consumers expect from FIJI Water,” says Lee. 

The move comes as consumers increasingly seek ways to reduce their environmental footprint and support brands that align with their values. As Lee notes, sustainable materials have become more desirable as consumers consider where product packaging comes from – and where it’s going. 

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FIJI water bottles in front of water falls

To raise awareness about FIJI Water’s 100% recycled bottles, the brand has launched a new campaign. The creative is centred on the notion of “hundreds of moments” in nature, for example, “mountains awaken at dawn” and “a flower blooms at sunrise.” 

According to the company, FIJI Water is continually inspired by its lush, natural origins. “It’s a vitality and appreciation for nature that carries across our brand,” says Lee. “In the Canadian market, where there is an abundance of nature, we saw an opportunity to share that appreciation for natural moments, whether we’re in a tropical jungle or the East Coast of Canada.” 

FIJI water bottle advertisement, waterfall

FIJI Water’s shift to recycled plastic is part of its broader commitment to sustainability. The company has invested nearly $3 million Cdn in energy-efficiency initiatives on the Fijian islands, which includes the use of microturbine energy generation and adopting low-sulphur fuel standards for shipping to reduce emissions. In addition, the FIJI Water Foundation provides funding to protect the Sovi Basin, Fiji’s most important forest ecosystem and largest remaining lowland rain forest, in partnership with Conservation International. 

“As one of the world’s leading naturally sourced spring waters, and the number-one premium imported water, we believe the best things come from nature and are dedicated to taking steps to protect the environment today and for generations to come,” Lee says. 

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