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The first package-free, zero-waste grocer in the U.S.


In.gredients, a Austin, Tex.-based grocery store is the first package-free, zero-waste grocer in the U.S. by allowing customers to bring their own reusable containers to be filled in-store.

The store, started by Brothers Lane, is a small company owned by three brothers, plans to open in October if the fundraising goals are met.

Their goal is to reduce waste and promote health by ditching packaged and overly processed food altogether, revolutionizing grocery shopping by eliminating the centre store.

Instead, the store will sell seasonal produce, grains, spices, baking ingredients, coffees/teas, meats, dairy, beer, wine and household cleaners, with an emphasis on organic and all-natural products.

Containers are weighed empty then full to get the price. Disposable bags will be made available if customers forget.

A similar concept opened last year in the U.K. called Unpackaged, which offered a bulk food shopping experience.

Watch their video below!

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