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The five types of online grocery shoppers

35% are new digital shoppers, typically young people who live their lives online

If you offer an e-grocery service, or are considering launching one, good news: an online grocery company has done some of the grunt work for you.

MyWebGrocer, an American company that does back-end e-commerce, technology and marketing for supermarkets, has identified the five “distinct segments of consumers in the digital grocery shopping arena."

12% are “reluctant shoppers,” who use e-services to make the task less painful.

24% are “traditional grocery enthusiasts” who love bricks and mortar stores.

35% are “new digital shoppers,” typically young people who live digitally.

17% are “passionate planners,” equipped with coupons and circulars.

12% are “affluent online shoppers” that enjoy the convenience of online grocery.

To download the full study, which also explores preferences for online shopping, go here.

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