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Flashfood hits major milestone in fight against food waste

Company doubles food diversion impact in just 18 months
Flashfood has diverted 100 million pounds of food from landfills since it launched with its first grocer in 2017.

Flashfood is celebrating a major milestone as it reaches 100 million pounds of food diverted from landfills across North America. That number is equivalent to more than 83 million meals and more than $250 million dollars saved on groceries.

Flashfood’s app marketplace connects shoppers with fresh produce, meat and other high-quality groceries near their sell-by date for up to 50% off, helping to divert food waste from landfills while simultaneously offering great deals on groceries. The Certified B Corp most recently partnered with California-based The Save Mart Companies to bring customers at Save Mart, Lucky and FoodMaxx banners the ability to use the platform. 

“Flashfood was founded with the singular mission to reduce food waste in grocery stores. With around 30% of all food that moves through a grocery store going to waste, this is obviously an urgent issue with an enormous environmental impact," said CEO Nicholas Bertram. "But the other side of the coin is that at the same time, people are being forced to compromise on the food they eat. They purchase food with a lower nutritional value, or they simply go with less. This is unacceptable and fundamentally immoral. Both of these problems should not exist at the same time.”  

Flashfood launched in its first grocery store in February 2017. It hit the 50-million-pound diversion milestone in the fall of 2022, and managed to double that impact less than 18 months later. 

By partnering with retailers across North America, Flashfood offers shoppers nutritious staples at affordable prices, and reduces the amount of food going to landfills. The company currently partners with more than 2,000 stores across North America.

This article first appeared on sister publication Progressive Grocer

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