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Fortinos tops retailer ranking for best in-store experience in Ontario: Leger

Leger has revealed the results of its annual WOW and WOW Digital rankings, with retailers including Fortinos, No Frills, Metro and Costco making the cut

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story stated Longo's ranked first for best in-store experience in Ontario.

Market research and analytics company Leger revealed the results of its annual ranking of the best in-store and online retail experiences across Ontario and Quebec this week. 

Fortinos, Farm Boy, Loblaws, Costco, T&T Supermarkets, Rabba Fine Foods, Metro and No Frills were just a few of the food retailers to be featured in the 2022 editions of the WOW and WOW Digital studies

More than 12,000 Ontarians were surveyed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of 148 retailers across 20 sectors. In Quebec, more than 12,000 people were surveyed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of 203 retailers across 20 sectors.

For the 2022 WOW Digital study, nearly 20,000 Canadians were surveyed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of more than 200 websites/mobile apps in Canada across more than 25 different sectors.

See the results below: 

Best in-store experiences in Ontario (supermarkets)

  1. Fortinos
  2. Longo’s
  3. Farm Boy
  4. Whole Foods
  5. Adonis Market
  6. No Frills
  7. Zehrs
  8. Real Canadian Superstore
  9. Your Independent Grocer
  10. Metro
  11. Independent City Market
  12. Costco
  13. Valu-Mart
  14. Foodland
  15. Nations
  16. Food Basics
  17. Sobeys
  18. FreshCo
  19. Loblaws
  20. T&T Supermarkets
  21. Rabba Fine Foods

Best in-store experiences in Quebec (food)

  1. Avril
  2. Costco
  3. Metro/Metro Plus
  4. Rachelle Béry
  5. IGA/IGA Extra
  6. Adonis
  7. Supermarché PA
  8. Marché Ami
  9. Marché Richelieu
  10. Maxi / Maxi & cie
  11. Super C
  12. Provigo/Provigo Le marché
  13. Marché Bonichoix
  14. Les Marchés Tradition
  15. Bonanza
  16. Fruiterie Sami Fruits
  17. Euromarché
  18. Intermarché
  19. Le Marché Esposito
  20. Mourelatos

Best online experiences in Canada (food):

  1. Lufa Farms
  2. My Online Groceries by Metro
  3. Amazon - Grocery and Whole Foods Market
  4. Costco
  5. Instacart
  6. Longo’s
  7. PC Express by Provigo Loblaws
  8. Voilà by Sobeys
  9. Cornershop by Uber
  10. Rachelle Béry
  11. Avril
  12. Metro
  13. Maxi
  14. Loblaws 
  15. Super C
  16. Real Canadian Superstore
  17. No Frills
  18. Provigo
  19. T&T Supermarkets
  20. IGA/Sobeys
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