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Four ways to win the natural and organic shopper

Moments of reciptivity and other ways to boost natural sales

Once upon a time the Whole Foods of the world owned the natural and organic market. Not anymore. Most of these products are now purchased at supermarkets.

But grocery stores could still improve the way they reach customers inclined to pick up natural and organic, say Andrew Elliott and John Younger at WD Partners, a consulting firm.

In an article at, Elliott and Younger suggest four ways supermarkets could increase their sales.

One idea: Hit up consumers at “moments of receptivity” when they are most likely to try something new. For instance, put green items such as plant-based baby wipes in the baby section to appeal to new parents.

If nothing else, Elliott and Younger suggest trolling the aisles of Whole Foods and other superb natural stores and adapt some of their merchandising ideas back in your store.

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