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A fresh twist on mixology

La Presserie’s cold-pressed, clean-label mixers elevate the at-home cocktail experience
La Presserie’s cold-pressed, clean-label mixers
SIAL 2023 Innovation Award Winner

Craft cocktails and mocktails have taken the bar and restaurant scene by storm, as consumers seek more adventurous flavours and fresh ingredients. But when it comes to happy hour at home, it’s not always easy for consumers to make beverages that go beyond the basics. 

Now, Canadians can level-up their at-home mixology with an innovative product offering. Toronto-based La Presserie, which is known for its cold-pressed, plant-based juices, smoothies and dressings, has created a line of six Cold Pressed Cocktail Mixers. The fresh-frozen mixers are made with raw cold-pressed fruits, vegetables and herbs, and are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

Here’s a look at how La Presserie’s latest beverage innovation hits on key consumer trends, making it a must-have for grocery store shelves. 

Mocktail Mania: Non-alcoholic drinks are generating a lot of buzz these days, as many Canadians are cutting back on their alcohol consumption or choosing not to drink at all. A recent survey found that up to three in 10 Canadians have bought or consumed non-alcoholic beverages. Among those who haven’t tried alcohol-free alternatives, between one quarter and one third are interested in doing so. 

La Presserie’s Cold Pressed Cocktail Mixers are designed to work with and without alcohol, a perfect option for people who are entertaining at home and want to give guests the option. The mixers combine well with just ice and sparkling water, or they can be mixed with a non-alcoholic spirit. 

Top-Shelf Pick: La Presserie’s Cold Pressed Paloma Mixer lets consumers create a refreshing, sophisticated Paloma the easy way. Made with fresh, cold-pressed grapefruit, lime and agave syrup, the mixer can be topped with club soda and enjoyed as a mocktail or mixed with tequila. 

The Clean Label Movement: Today, consumers crave products that have simple ingredients and are free from artificial flavours, additives and preservatives. In a global study by Innova Market Insights, naturalness and the absence of additives were named as the second and third most important factors that influence purchasing decisions after product safety. 

Many cocktail mixers on the market contain artificial flavours and preservatives, so La Presserie is an appealing choice. The new line of mixers provides a delicious, clean-label option made with fresh fruits and vegetables – just like a craft bartender would make. 

Top-Shelf Pick: Daiquiri lovers can get the real taste of strawberries with La Presserie’s Strawberry Daiquiri Mixer. Crafted from fresh cold-pressed strawberries, lime and agave syrup, the mixer has a fresh, naturally sweet taste. It can be blended with ice for a delicious mocktail or made with white rum for a naturally better classic. 

Always-In-Style Classics: While many consumers are now experimenting with more adventurous beverages, the classics remain in style. In research based on online searches, the Margarita emerged as the most popular cocktail in the world, followed by the rum-based Mojito. 

La Presserie makes it easy to make the classics at home, with options like the Margarita mixer, Cosmo mixer, Mojito mixer and Bloody Mary mixer. For consumers who want to try them all, La Presserie offers a variety pack with all six varieties of its Cold Pressed Cocktail Mixers.

Top-Shelf Pick: La Presserie’s Margarita mixer is made with fresh cold-pressed limes, agave syrup and cold-pressed orange juice for that authentic taste. Margarita overs can enjoy their drink blended or on the rocks, and enjoy it as a mocktail or add their favourite tequila. 

To find out more about La Presserie’s cocktail mixers line, or its juices, smoothies and dressings, visit


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