The future of chocolate may not be sweet

Global chocolate production proves to be unpredictable

A recent meeting of global chocolate maker executives revealed that it's a challenge to produce enough cocoa beans to meet demand.

While global chocolate production was up because of an surprisingly healthy cocoa bean harvest last year, this year's harvest is more uncertain. Canadian chocolate retailers are facing higher prices for cocoa now that its production has decreased.

The chocolate maker conference held in Denmark last week included talk of helping the increased global demand for cocoa through discovering how to aid farmers in West Africa boost their production of it. Most of the global cocoa production comes out of Africa.

From problems with a drop in mature cocoa trees in the region to the recent spread of the Ebola virus, the area is facing struggles that have limited its production.

Subsequently, the sticker price of chocolate could rise for retail companies that buy chocolate from wholesalers such as Nestle.

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