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Galleria Supermarket commemorates Lunar New Year with in-store celebration

Celebrity chef Sang Kim teaches attendees the significance of hot pots

If Canada is a cultural mosaic, it wouldn’t be complete without Galleria Supermarket.

The Toronto-based Korean grocer has always made an effort to reach out to mainstream consumers, while staying true to its cultural roots. Its in-store event last week was no exception.

Last Friday, Galleria invited shoppers and media to celebrate and kick off the year of the rooster at its York Mills location. The store hosted a hot pot banquet, where celebrated Canadian chef and restauranteur Sang Kim taught attendees about the historical context and cultural significance of hot pots.

Attendees had the opportunity to cook three varieties of hot pot, with Korean, Japanese, and Chinese stylings.

“Sharing hot pot is a popular and essential part of the New Year’s ritual across Asia, which is meant to bring us good luck, peace and happiness to the entire family,” said Galleria in a statement.

See photos from the event below:

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