Georgia Main Food Group's Mark McCurdy to retire

VP of retail operations and brand strategy retires after more than 20 years with the company
Mark McCurdy
Mark McCurdy. Photography courtesy Georgia Main Food Group

Georgia Main Food Group (GMFG) executive Mark McCurdy is retiring from the retailer.

McCurdy, GMFG’s vice president of retail operations and brand strategy, steps down Friday (Oct. 27).

“After more than 21 years at H.Y. Louie/Georgia Main Food Group, we congratulate Mark on his retirement,” said Gary Sorensen, president and chief operating officer. “It has been a journey of change, excitement, and opportunity, and Mark has left a lasting impression and legacy across the company and on our banner brands in British Columbia including IGA, Fresh St. Market, H.Y. Louie (HYL) and GMFG.”

McCurdy began his career with the HYL in 2002, working in the company’s advertising division. Since then, he has held several roles including director of advertising and marketing.

In 2013, he was promoted to general manager of advertising and marketing and appointed to the executive committee.

Three years later, in 2016, he was tapped for his current position.

"Every day has presented new and exciting opportunities, which has allowed me to accelerate the company's position, brand and market footprint," said McCurdy in a statement. 

Sorensen said McCurdy has been a vital team member and leader at the company.

“His proudest achievements include the creation, launch and enduring success of Fresh St. Market, the establishment and growth of GMFG as a division of HYL, and, in 2017, leading the transition of IGA back to its origins through rebranding and store upgrades. Mark is most grateful for the opportunity he has had to work with amazing colleagues who have allowed him to lead, inspire and motivate them to be creative and spark innovation in finding their own path to success.” 

McCurdy’s successor will be announced at a later date, GMFG said.

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