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German promo: shop naked, get free groceries


Call it "the naked and the deal."

To drum up publicity for its grand opening, a supermarket in Germany last week offered free groceries to the first 100 shoppers wearing no clothing.

In the end, about 250 people showed up willing to bare all at the Priss supermarket in the town of Suderlugum, near the Danish border.

Niels Sterndorff, manager of the store, admitted he was surprised by the turnout.

“I never thought a hundred people would come. I thought maybe more like 10,” he told the website The Local.

To handle the crowd, only 20 unclothed shoppers were allowed through the doors at one time.

Naked shoppers were allowed to get a maximum of 270 Euros ($347 CDN) worth of groceries for free.

Among the most popular items they chose: free liquor, wine and beer.

Perhaps the most compelling lesson from the promotion, however: Underneath the bright lights of a supermarket, most people look better with their clothes on.

Correction: an earlier version of this article stated Suderlugum was near the Dutch border

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