Get healthy with life-size cutouts of doctors in stores

Morrisons' saw more sales in produce, fish when lifesize cutouts of doctors, nurses were displayed in store

Want to get people in store eating healthier? Display cardboard cutouts of doctors and nurses, says researchers.

At U.K. grocer Morrisons' store in Manchester, researchers found sales of healthy food (fresh fruit, smoked fish, canned fruit) went up during a five week period when life-size cardboard figures of real in store doctors, nurses were used.

These cutouts were used with Let’s Shop Healthier messages in store and outside of the store.

The study was conducted by the National Obesity Forum.

Results showed that the presence of these cardboard figures resulted in volume sales of fresh fruit going up 20 per cent; smoke fish sales up 10 per cent; and canned fruit sales up 5 per cent.

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Watch video of the study:

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