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Get perfect salmon tartare every time

Help your customers add a little sophistication to their next social gathering with Bluetide Seasoned Salmon Tartare

Want to help your customers add a little sophistication to their next social gathering? Bluetide’s salmon tartare makes the ultimate appetizer or entrée to impress their dinner guests. Not only can it be a delicious focal point on the table, it features nutritious salmon, which is rich in Omega-3 and iron.

These days more and more people are trying to make their own salmon tartare at home, but getting it just right can be challenging. Even when home chefs put the time and effort into following a recipe precisely, inconsistency in the quality of ingredients can result in disappointing, lackluster flavours.

That’s where Bluetide Seasoned Salmon Tartare from Lagoon Seafood fits in. Tasty salmon is perfectly balanced with onion, mustard caviar and oils, then delicately seasoned with lemon juice, peppers and salt. The result is a salmon tartare that delights the palette and turns out right every time.

Given that Lagoon Seafood has been a leader in the importing, processing and curing of fish and seafood products for more than 25 years, your customers can count on high-quality products. Consumers can also feel good knowing that these products contain ingredients that have been ethically sourced. Plus, Seasoned Salmon Tartare is affordably priced and available at most major retailers in Canada.

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