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Get restaurant meals in the aisles

More star chefs are making their food available at the supermarket

The line between restaurant and grocery food are blurring even more as more chefs are offering their fare at the supermarket. Famed Basque restaurant Mugaritz, in  Spain and its chef Andoni Luis Aduriz are influential in the world cuisine. But instead of waiting for a seat in his restaurant, fans can buy the Mugaritz line of food sprays at 100 stores in Europe. These aerosol containers dispense batters of churros and pancakes, and retail for US$2.50. READ: Iron Chef inspired meals Star chef Tom Douglas meanwhile has teamed up with Kent, Wash. company Pop! gourmet popcorn to offer three signature spice blends. And even Walmart in the U.S. has teamed up with Los Angeles' Fatburger chain to offer a line of beef patties at its 3,100 stores. To read more, go here. Watch the short film Mugartiz made on its new food spray.

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