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Getting a handle on the conscious consumer

Latest Waitrose trend report finds most shoppers really do think about where their food comes from.


Turns out doing right by the environment is something top of mind for many grocery shoppers, according to the latest trends report from Waitrose.

Among the top trends identified in the U.K. retailer’s annual Food and Drink Report, was “The Conscious Consumer”. According Waitrose’s research, 80% of consumers actively consider where their food comes from when shopping. And one-third of consumers care more about the environment than they did five years ago.

The report also revealed that many consumers (46%) are throwing away less food than they did five years ago and we’re preserving the lifespan of their foods by freezing them. In fact, the retailer found that sales of food storage containers were up by 34%.

Waitrose attributes the rise of conscious consumerism to a number of things such as a desire to save money, concerns about the world’s resources and the desire to do the right thing.

In creating the report, the retailer conducted a survey of 2,000 shoppers (and not just its own customers), which was supported by focus groups in which participants were probed about their shopping, cooking and eating habits.

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