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Gluten-free grocers driven by demand

Gluten-free grocers show demand remains strong for these products

Have you ever had a customer cry with relief and gratitude in your store? Robyn Inglese has.

Inglese is the founder of Robyn's Gluten-Free Country Store in Branford, Conn. Like a growing number of small stores in the U.S., hers is stocked solely with gluten-free goods. And the reaction of her thankful customers has included happy tears.

Think the gluten-free "trend" may be waning? Not if you consider the emergence of more stores that are devoted to selling only gluten-free products.

A recent Gluten-Free Living article features a roundup of such stores in the U.S. (Given the influx of gluten-free products sold to those with gluten intolerances and Celiac disease on this side of the border, it seems they'd also have a market here.) From providing customers with educational materials to teaming up with local suppliers, these stores know how to keep their customers happy.

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