Go behind the scenes of U.K. grocers in new series on supermarket secrets

A BBC series goes behind the scenes of the top U.K.

Want a behind the scenes of Britain's biggest food retailers? Then check out BBC One's four-part series called Supermarket Secrets.

The series documents how U.K. grocers source, make and move the food on shelves over the course of a year. Each episode each features a different season.

There's exclusive access to the buyers, product developers, food technologists and backroom teams.

For example, what's the hottest summer sellers? It's ice cream, coleslaw, tea and hair-removal goods.

But the No. 1 summer seller is strawberries; 20 million strawberries are sold every day at U.K. grocers with sales spiked by Wimbledon.

The documentary speaks to Sainsbury's strawberry man, someone who has spent eight years developing a new variety for the chain, eating 2 kg of them a day.

Then there's Waitrose that has hired chefs to test out new dishes in order to try to change barbecuing habits.

Meanwhile Tesco is staying ahead of weather with the use of a little hand-held computer. The machine figured out that Scots start barbecuing when the temperature hits 20 degrees, while in the South of England, consumers waited until temperatures hit 24 degrees.

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