Going for the goat

Culinary adventure and local food trend is making goat meat suddenly popular

For whatever reasons over time, chicken, turkey, beef and pork have become North America’s chief meats to eat.

Now it appears another protein is catching on: goat.

In an article titled, “Goat meat? Yes it’s becoming trendy,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on the growing popularity of goat burgers, goat ribs and other parts of the animal in restaurants.

The rise of goat meat seems to be in line with two eating trends: consumers’ sense of tasting adventures; and the growth of local food. Goat farms can usually be found close enough for restaurants to easily source it.

Lately, even more so. A spokesman for the goat association in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia says goat production in his district has gone up 20% and the number of goat farms has not quite doubled.

Read the full story here.

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