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Greenpeace ranks tuna brands; few get a pass


Greenpeace Canada has found  that of 14 top canned tuna brands sold in the country suggest most of them come from destructive fishery practices.

In a new report, the environmental organization gave a passing grade to only two tuna brands–Wild Planet Foods and Raincoast Trading. Both of those firms got extra points because they use selective fishing gear, support locally owned operations and provide clear labelling.

Ocean Fisheries took third place, while the canned private label brand tuna sold by Sobeys, Loblaws and Walmart followed down the ranking list.

Clover Leaf was 11th. Another brand, Unico, was last. Both brands did not respond to Greenpeace's survey.

"Unfortunately, most of the tuna sold in Canadian supermarkets is not coming from abundant stocks fished in a sustainable and equitable way," Greenpeace concluded in its report.

Greenpeace wants supermarkets and canned fish brands to provide tuna from sustainable sources and avoid illegal and destructive fisheries.

This is the first time Greenpeace has ranked specific tuna brands sold in Canada. For the past two years the group has rated grocers' seafood sustainability practices. Overwaitea was in top spot last year, followed by Loblaws.

Brands were give a percentage ranking with 50% representing a passing grade. The ranking is as follows (with scores in brackets):

1. Wild Planet (65.1%)

2. Raincoast (50.0%)

3. Ocean Fisheries Ltd. - Oceans brand (45.7%)

4. Metro  - Selection brand (45.2%)

5. Sobeys - Compliments brand (42.1%)

6. Loblaw - President's Choice, No Name, Bella Trovola, Sun Spun / GFS brands (41.0%)

7. Walmart - Great Value brand (40.7%)

8. Canadian Fishing Company – Gold Seal, Life, Everyday, Great Value brands (40.4%)

9. Overwaitea Food Group – Western Family brand (39.1%)

10. Safeway (30.6%)

11. Clover Leaf Seafoods Company (27.8%)

12. Bolton Alimentari Italia S.p.A. – Rio Mare brand (23.0%)

13. Pastene, Inc. (4.1%)

14. Unico, Inc. (1.7%)

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