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Grocery Foundation donates $1 million to Breakfast for Learning


The Grocery Foundation announced a $1 million donation to Breakfast for Learning that will provide more than 448,000 meals per week and help school communities fund equipment needs.

The Foundation has also made an additional $500,000 investment for capital equipment.

Nearly 140,000 Ontario children from 392 schools in 132 cities will benefit from this donation according to the partners.

The Grocery Foundation donation represents 34 per cent of the total number of schools across the province, which will be funded by Breakfast for Learning in 2011 school year.

“We can’t downplay what it means to feed our children. They are our future entrepreneurs, our business and political leaders, “said Michelle Scott, executive director, The Grocery Foundation, which provides funding to community groups across the province. “We need to think much more holistically about this issue. When we nourish a child, we are not only meeting their basic need for food, we are in essence supporting the prosperity of our province and our collective futures.”

Breakfast for Learning helps to start and sustain over 5,000 child nutrition programs across Canada, serving healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks to more than 425,958 children and youth in a nurturing environment. Over 2,395 of those programs are in the province of Ontario.

Studies show that well-nourished students show improved memory, problem-solving skills and creative abilities–overall, they perform better in school.

A total of 392 schools will benefit from The Grocery Foundation donation including schools in Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Sudbury and Toronto. The balance will be divided in cities across the province.

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