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Grocery store sells only one type of each product

New Israeli chain taking a singular approach to stocking shelves

A new grocery chain in Israel is taking the concept of limited selection to a new--and narrower--level.

Ehad (Hebrew for "one") is scheduled to open its first store this week and will be working with local producers and importers to carry only one type of each of the products on its shelves.

For instance, it will only stock one ketchup or one type of orange juice.

The limited assortment concept aims to give shoppers lower prices. So while Ehad won't put items on sale, manager Iri Shachar says the store will be able to offer lower prices because he'll work with small companies that have a tough go of getting listed in other stores.

As Shachar said in a Times of Israel article, "I give them the stage and in return I get the best prices, which I pass on directly to the customer. Our price will be steady and attractive throughout the year and your shopping cart will be 20% cheaper than a branded cart."

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