The growing power of sustainable brands

New report says one-third of consumers are now basing buying decisions on a brands’ social and environmental impact


Consumers are rewarding brands that are doing good both socially and environmentally, says a new report from Unilever.

The international study surveyed 20,000 adults from five countries and asked them how their sustainability concerns impact their choices while shopping and at home. The study’s authors then “crucially” mapped the respondents’ claims against real purchase decisions to get an accurate picture of what people are buying. It found that many respondents were, in fact, living up to their claims.

According to the study, one-third (33%) of shoppers are now buying from brands they deem are doing good things from an environmental and social perspective.

The report estimates that a huge opportunity (+$1 billion) exists for companies that make their sustainability credentials clearer on their packaging and marketing. In fact, 21% of those surveyed said they would choose brands that made such things clear.

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