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Halal Expo Canada 2024: North America's premier trade show for the halal industry

Navigate the $2+ Trillion Halal Industry at Halal Expo Canada 2024
Halal Expo Canada trade show floor

As the global halal industry continues its upward trajectory, surpassing the $2 trillion mark, Halal Expo Canada 2024 emerges as a critical convening ground for businesses looking to tap into this lucrative market. Set to take place on May 8-9 at Toronto’s International Centre – Hall 4, this premier B2B trade show and conference is a beacon for the entire spectrum of the halal industry, encompassing sectors from food and finance to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

With more than 150 exhibitors and an expected attendance of over 2,000 professionals, the expo is designed to forge powerful connections, share pivotal insights, and catalyze strategic partnerships across the globe. The significance of Halal Expo Canada is amplified by Canada’s growing Muslim population and the surging demand for halal products and services, marking it as an essential event for both local and international stakeholders.

Nasser Deeb, the Show Director, encapsulates the expo's mission, stating, “We are excited to showcase the vibrancy of the halal market in North America. The Halal Expo Canada 2024 offers a unique platform for local and international exhibitors to engage with a target audience that is both diverse and discerning.” This vision highlights the expo as a transformative arena for attendees and exhibitors alike, providing unmatched opportunities to delve into the halal market's latest trends and innovations.

The testimonials from past participants underscore the expo's substantial impact and its pivotal role within the industry:

Omar Subedar from the Halal Monitoring Authority reflected on the event’s influence, “As a prominent Halal Certifier in Canada, we have actively participated in the Halal Expo Canada since its inception in 2019, showcasing our certified companies and brands. I must express that this year's edition surpassed our expectations in terms of the quality and quantity of exhibiting companies gathered under one pavilion. We had the opportunity to connect with our intended clients and potential partners for offering our certification services and promoting products from HMA-certified companies. Moving forward, we are committed to continuously supporting this vital halal trade platform, as it plays a significant role in elevating the standards of the halal market in Canada.”

Arifin Marzuki, Chairman of Bubbles O2, also praised the expo, “The exhibition we participated in Canada was truly exceptional, as it exclusively focused on Halal products and provided the opportunity to connect with high-quality buyers. It was definitely worth the investment of money and time. We successfully accomplished all our goals, and we are already looking forward to next year when we plan to return with an even larger booth and a range of innovative products. Our sincere appreciation goes to the organizers for their commendable efforts!”

These reflections affirm the expo's crucial role in fostering meaningful business connections,

showcasing innovative products, and building a community committed to the halal industry’s growth.

Beyond networking and exhibitions, Halal Expo Canada 2024 is set to feature a comprehensive conference agenda, offering attendees the chance to glean insights from industry leaders on the market’s latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. This holistic approach positions the expo as an indispensable event for professionals aiming to navigate and excel in the expanding halal market.

As businesses worldwide seek to align with the evolving needs of the halal consumer, innovate in response to emerging market trends, and forge lasting connections, Halal Expo Canada 2024 stands as a strategic opportunity. It offers a wide-ranging platform for exploring the multifaceted opportunities within the $2 trillion halal industry, from product innovation and brand visibility to market expansion and global partnerships.

To partake in shaping the future of the halal industry, visit or contact [email protected] | +1 (905) 232 6331 for more information on Halal Expo Canada 2024.

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