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Hasty Market unveils fresh retail concept

The Market debuts in Hamilton, Ont.
hasty market hamilton
The Market on James in Hamilton, Ont.

Hasty Market Corp., which has 130 Hasty stores across Ontario, has launched a new “neighbourhood” store, with ambitions of expanding the new retail concept across the province. 

Located in Hamilton, Ont. where the very first Hasty opened in 1991 the new store is named The Market on James and is on the ground floor of a residential building at 165 James St. South. The grand opening was on April 22. 

At 5,000 sq. ft. of space, the store stocks c-store staples, but also groceries and freshly prepared meals-to-go, and serves freshly ground Lavazza coffee and smoothies made in-house with real fruit. 

Marietta Cini, VP of operations and development at Hasty Market Corp., says the concept which had been 10 months in development “signifies our commitment to seamlessly integrating convenience and grocery shopping experiences within a smaller footprint.” 

“While we prioritize the convenience store essentials such as quick checkouts and a reliable product mix,” she tells CSNC, “we elevate the offering by providing an extensive selection of grocery items, including fresh produce, grass-fed steaks, smoothies, sushi, cakes, artisanal coffee, and more.”

And unlike a convenience store, Cini says they want customers to treat it like a gathering place.

hasty market hamilton market on james
Inside the market.

“Beyond mere convenience, The Market aims to foster a welcoming ambiance that encourages customers to engage, socialize, and make our store a neighbourhood destination,” she explains. “This strategic blend positions us as not just a convenience store but as a community hub, offering a unique and compelling shopping experience.” 

Cini says the heightened focus on fresh food at The Market on James reflects a strategic response by Hasty Market Corp.  to consumer demand and market trends. 

“Our research indicated a growing preference among consumers for fresh and locally sourced products in convenience store settings,” notes Cini. “By prioritizing fresh ingredients and encouraging partnerships with small local vendors, The Market aims to meet this demand while supporting the community and providing customers with the best possible offerings.” 

In addition to having a more spacious and inviting environment than Hasty Market or Express, as well as high-quality grocery and HMR items, The Market also has a distinct look and feel, which was created in collaboration with design partners specializing in urban, modern and fresh environments. 

“The store's look and feel are characterized by sleek and contemporary design elements, with an emphasis on creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for customers,” says Cini. “Hasty Market has more of a standard convenience store ambiance.” 

Hasty Market’s longtime tagline has been “More Than a Convenience Store.” On LinkedIn and the Hasty website, The Market is being described as “your convenient grocer” as well as “Where Convenience Meets Community” and  “Convenience Redefined, Right Around the Corner.” 

“In terms of growth plans for The Market, the company likely aims for exponential expansion in the coming years,” says Cini, “with the goal of becoming the convenient grocer of choice for consumers across Ontario.” 

But that doesn’t mean Burlington, Ont.-headquartered Hasty Market Corp, whose store network includes license and franchise locations, is putting its Hasty brand on the backburner. The hope is the two banners will strategically work together in busy locales.

“While the focus may be on establishing The Market in residential neighborhoods to serve as neighborhood markets, there are also plans to strategically locate Hasty Markets and Market stores in more urban spots as densification continues to be a strategic priority for the province,” says Cini. 

This article first appeared on sister publication Convenience Store News Canada

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