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Heartwarming Christmas ads from across the pond

European grocers bring out the big guns for the holiday season

'Tis the season for shoppers to be subjected to a stream of festive ads. Retailers bring out the big guns when it comes to holiday marketing, sending out heartwrenching, humorous and hopeful messages. And grocers are no exception.
Here are a few grocery ads from across the pond that have caught our eye:

1. Sainsbury's, U.K.

Sainsbury’s has had no shortage of creative holiday marketing in recent years. Last year’s ad featured a Christmas day truce on the Western Front, plus a group of dubstepping dads. his year, the U.K.-based chain has revived Mog the cat, a popular character from a series of British children’s books in this spot narrated by actress Emma Thompson.

2. Tesco, U.K.

A series of holiday ads from Tesco showcases how the retailer can cater to everyone’s holiday tastes. In one ad, a couple enters the store in a panic, having just realized a few of the guests coming to dinner only eat gluten-free. They madly run through the store, grabbing from the wide range of gluten-free products Tesco offers. In another ad, a shopper tries to impress a young women by showing his appreciation for Tesco’s high class products, including Proesecco, or a British Stilton with a Port glaze.

3. EDEKA, Germany

A German supermarket chain’s holiday TV ads has prompted floods of tears with its story about an old man whose children never visit – not even at Christmas.

His children finally return home after being told of grandpa’s death only to discover he didn’t die at all.

The video from EDEKA supermarket has racked up almost 20 million views online, with “can’t stop crying” among typical comments.

4. Lidl, Germany

Time for a break from the tears with something a little more lighthearted. European discounter Lidl sends everyone back to school in its latest holiday ad. In the commercial, students attend The Lidl School of Christmas, where courses range from “The Leftover Sandwich” to “Snowman Construction.”

5. Aldi, U.K.

Aldi gets back to the holiday basics with its ad. Set to The Sound of Music’s “My Favourite Things”, the narrator recounts her favourite things about the holidays, like strawberry santas and champagne for toasting.

6. Asda, U.K.

U.K. supermarket chain Asda has put a modern twist on its holiday campaign using the hashtag #BecauseitsChristmas. The ad features the debut single “Sax” by British singer Fleur East.



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