Hey bakers: time to downsize

Smaller packages are good for customers and, quite possibly, the bottom line

Bakeries are bastions of plenty. Big loaves of bread, big packets of muffins, danishes and buns.

But rather than think in bulk, bakery managers should focus on smaller portions, says Jonna Parker, bakery expert at Nielsen Perishables Group.

“If I could just change one mindset it would be–Don’t think about selling tons of quantity; think about selling to a lot of individual people by breaking and shifting your serving sizes down,” Parker said on BakeryandSnacks.com.

Smaller packs are an answer to customers’ desires for portion control and the fact many shoppers are no longer feeding large families.

Downsizing bakery product sizes can still be profitable, Parker says, because smaller packages or individual items can be prices as premium products.

“When we think about how to resonate with today’s consumer; that smaller serving size and portion size hits on a health need. It hits on the fact that most people live in smaller households, and I think that is the trend we’ve seen have the biggest impact,” she says.

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