Hot trends: bacon to desserts that Grandma made


Some trends spotted by people who watch what's happening in the food world:

1. Bacon bits

Bacon is everywhere. Loblaw came up with bacon marmalade for its new line of ``black-label'' gourmet products and Seattle chef Josh Henderson has just released Skillet Bacon Spread in specialty stores in Canada, a product he first started serving on burgers sold from his food truck.

2. The road to Morocco

You may not have noticed the influence of Morocco on your daily dinner table yet because it's a ``quiet trend,'' says Marcos Chocron, a developer for Loblaw branded products who works on the ``Memories of ...'' PC sauces.

3. Desserts Grandma made

Simple baked desserts like lemon pudding are all the rage. In candy, homemade-style treats like brittles, popcorn and caramels with a salty edge are hot, while boxed truffles are so last year.

4. They're eating red velvet

Red velvet cake is a Southern U.S. creation, made by dumping an entire bottle of red food colouring into a chocolate cake recipe. It started spreading with the continent-wide cupcake phenomenon, and now is showing up in ice cream, cheesecakes and baking mixes.

5. Colour my world

Utensils and appliances such as stand mixers and even food processors come in every colour of the rainbow, says Korey Kealey, a food consultant in Ottawa, and are a great way to brighten up the kitchen and make cooking fun.

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