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How Avocados From Mexico brought people together while they were being kept apart

Avocados From Mexico delivered happiness in a box for Canadian grocery shoppers at a remarkable time

Like a lot of businesses, the 2020 marketing plan for Avocados from Mexico had to change significantly in the middle of March.

Consumer habits and shopping patterns transformed overnight. Avocados from Mexico knew its many regular customers still loved their avocados, they just needed new ways to communicate the positive, fun, and vibrant feeling so often associated with avocados in a uniquely challenging moment.

The brand wanted to remind people of the good times they could have when cooking with avocados, and even add some sunshine to the plates of loved ones by sharing great meals with them at a time when they were being kept apart.

The solution was to partner up with Goodfood that not only ensured grocery shoppers were trying (and loving) new avocado based recipes, but thinking about sharing them with friends.

Within weeks, Avocados from Mexico had brainstormed, strategized and created the “Avo Good Day” program to ensure the brand remains relevant and true to its essence by providing happiness during uncertain times.


“Avo Good Day” saw three recipes added to the Goodfood subscriber menu options: Tacos al Pastor with Ground Pork & Avocado; Seared Halloumi & Smoky Coconut ‘Bacon’ Cobb Salad with avocados; and Greek-Style Honey Chicken over Spiced Rice with Chopped Salad, Avocado & Tzatziki. To encourage customers to pick the avocado meal kits, AFM added an extra incentive—anyone ordering AFM recipes was entered into a draw to win a free meal kit voucher that could be given to anyone they wanted.

On top of that, the recipes and health benefits of avocados were communicated through special flyers added to 200,000 meal kits, via Goodfood’s one-million-strong digital mailing list and on Goodfood’s Instagram and Facebook channels.

And, while “Avo Good Day” delivered some happiness in a box at a unique moment in time, the impact will last after this unprecedented moment fades. Each of the three recipes has been added to the Goodfood website and of course each customer has the recipe sheet that came with their original orders.


But more than that, Avocados from Mexico has given customers a fun, bold meal solution in a time when people are trying new ideas in the kitchen and new habits are being formed.

With consumers expected to cook at home more often even when restaurants and other businesses reopen, giving them inspiring meal options now that include avocados will ensure Avocados From Mexico
remain a staple on grocery lists for a long time to come.

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