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How Bonne Maman® is satisfying Canada’s INTENSE sweet tooth with more fruit and less sugar

Global jam favourite Bonne Maman® has released two new flavours of their fresh and fruity INTENSE line

As consumers continue to become more conscious about their food and the production and care that goes into it, one consideration that also commonly comes into play with what they’re eating is the ingredients found within.

Made with more fruit and 38% less sugar than the common jam, Bonne Maman® successfully targeted these markets last year with the launch of their INTENSE fruit spreads line, starting with popular flavours like Apricot, Wild Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry.

With 46% reporting intentional avoidance of sugary goods, Bonne Maman® is providing these consumers with two new flavours of their INTENSE fruit spread line, Cherry and Orange, just in time for fall and the upcoming holiday season.

Complete with natural fruit flavours, more fresh fruit chunks and no lingering sugar rush, Bonne Maman®’s INTENSE Orange and Cherry additions are sure to be a household hit for cooking, baking, cocktails and simply enjoying straight off of the spoon.

Canadians are encouraged to spread the love and find little moments of joy with their favourite of the two new picks, and share their tasty creations online while tagging @BonneMaman_CA.

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