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How to have super sales for the Super Bowl

New research suggests a staggered marketing approach will win big

The Super Bowl is still months away but oddsmakers are already betting on who will win. The Chiefs are winning often, but Denver's coming on strong too (especially over the weekend).

Consumer packaged goods companies are also vying for a Super Bowl win. But their measure of success won’t come in touchdowns but in chip bags and pop bottles sold.

Some coaching for CPGs, and retailers, comes in a new study that examines the Super Bowl food shopper and how to target them more effectively.

Not surprisingly, the study, by promotional agency The Marketing Arm, found that 67% of party hosts are men.

More interesting numbers: 97% of party attendees bring food or beverages to the party and most don’t think about what to buy until a few days before the party.

Researchers also found that female party hosts plan their party two weeks out, while male hosts usually start thinking about it a week in advance.

With that in mind, The Marketing Arm, suggests a staggered marketing approach, with female-friendly marketing early on, followed by guy-centric messages.

And what should your strategy be right before game day? Go for the blitz, of course.

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