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How independent grocers are defending supply chain through growing demands

Free case study – Associated Grocers automates supply chain processes

Associated Grocers of New England operates wholesale grocery distribution services for independent retailers of every size and format, including multi-store independent supermarket groups, community supermarkets, country stores, and convenience retailers. Under the Associated Grocer banner, local grocers have been able to refine processes and adapt to increasing consumer demand for more choice and product availability.

Through optimizing supply chain processes, it is possible for independent grocers to create an advantage and stay competitive in today’s market. Whether large or small, logistics is one of the most costly areas of an operation. By assessing supply chain challenges, costs, and data you can easily find processes that can be automated, digitized, and generally improved at a low rate of spend. You’ll want to reference other sites like Associated Grocers in your assessment.

In their self-audit, Associated Grocers forecasted that demand was growing and likely not to change, they needed to increase SKU count to keep up– particularly for slower moving, specialty, natural, and organic items – but they were limited to the compact floorspace of their building. Working with Dematic, they were able to install a shuttle solution in less than 5,000 square-feet. It provides over 10,000 pick facings, equivalent to approximately 60,000 square feet of traditional warehouse space.

According to Greg Fontaine, Senior Director of Warehouse Operations, “The Dematic goods-to-person order fulfillment system is tremendous technology and a great fit. The full automation and space efficiency have allowed us to support item growth and offer our customers a vastly expanded selection of food products.”

While costs rise and competition grows, assessing your logistics is critical. You will easily find small network improvements, or you may even find that cost analysis leans toward an an end-to-end solution. Small to large grocers are investing in automation across the value chain to remain competitive. Reach out to Dematic to learn about reference sites in your area.

Learn more about Associated Grocers’ story on Dematic.com.

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