How many Canadians want "green" packaging?

Newly released survey polled roughly 1,000 Canadians

How much do Canadians care about environmentally friendly food packaging?

The resounding answer from the approximately 1,000 Canadian and 1,000 American participants that were interviewed in September as part of a survey by Asia Pulp & Paper Canada was they're very concerned about such packaging, and more than half will seek it out.

Here are some of the takeaways from the recently released survey results:

• 77% of Canadians want more environmentally friendly/green packaging for food products
• 58% of Canadians seek out food that is packaged in containers that can be recycled or reused
• 50% of Canadians actively seek out food that is packaged in an environmentally friendly way
• 32% of Canadians actively seek out restaurants that embrace sustainability practices throughout their operations

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