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How is Taste USA celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020?


While Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on different days of the year, the spirit of the holiday remains the same. Although the pandemic is keeping us apart, we’re thankful for our North American agricultural community and for the privilege to share our harvest and our passion for food with each another.

At Taste USA, we want to thank the hard-working women and men on both sides of the border who produce our food, transport it, distribute it, stock it on grocery shelves, and sell it to us. We are also thankful for the many trade relationships that contribute to more than C$50 billion of food and beverages moving across our shared border every year, sustaining our agricultural economies.

Taste USA and its partners work with Canadian brokers, buyers, distributors, and retailers to ensure a safe, sustainable supply of food throughout the year, especially when Canadian products aren’t in season. We work with a wide range of U.S. industry associations to drive awareness and sales of a diverse range of high-quality products…from walnuts, to watermelon, to whisky, and many more foods that don’t begin with “W”.

We invite you to connect with Taste USA and our trade association partners!


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