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How TC Transcontinental Printing redefined retail to deliver engaging brand experiences during COVID-19

TC Transcontinental Printing’s comprehensive set of in-store marketing solutions are helping retailers and brands achieve agility, cost savings and innovation during these changing and uncertain times.
Woman shopping at the supermarket wearing a face mask to avoid the coronavirus while following a list on her tablet computer â COVID-19 lifestyle concepts

COVID-19 has caused retailers and owners to rethink the way they engage with consumers, creating new, emerging retail touchpoints and opportunities to reach consumers in meaningful ways. With the future still unknown, agility, innovation and cost are more important than ever. TC Transcontinental’s broad service offerings and expertise have allowed them to partner with the majority of Canada’s top retailers and brands through the pandemic to develop custom solutions and best practices in retail innovation and activate safe in-store marketing solutions.

From social distancing decals and signage, wayfinding and navigation tools and in-store protective solutions, to curb-side pickup stations, mobile retail executions, brand engagement spaces, and more, retail best practices have been established to better communicate with clients, keep customers and staff safe and create new shopping experiences aligned with the “next normal”.


According to a recent study from IMI24TM, Canadians believe that the pandemic will not end until June 2021. Moving into the Holiday season, people intend to continue purchasing online, although there is high intent and desire to get back into retail stores. Online and in-store need to be consistent and work in collaboration with one another to offer the ultimate brand experience.

Together, we can make everyone safer as we deal with trying to keep the economy going. Let’s talk!

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