Industry loses a visionary broker


Charlie Trimble died March 29 in Vancouver after a lengthy illness, leaving a legacy as one of the true gentlemen of the Canadian food industry.

He spent more than 40 years in the industry as a wholesaler, broker and importer. He was dedicated to his family, his career and to his many charitable works. John Scott, president of CFIG said: “Charlie was one of the ‘good guys’ in our industry on the West coast. He was a highly respected broker who ensured that everyone in the industry was treated with fairness and respect. He was a true leader and a driving force behind the social responsibility of the industry in western Canada.”

Keith Bray, former president of the Canadian Food Brokers Association, said: “Charlie was truly a gentleman, an innovator and a pillar of integrity. If Charlie said it, you knew it was true. Charlie gave the brokerage industry true credibility.”

Peter Singer, president of Thomas Large & Singer paid tribute by saying: “Charlie was a visionary in the food brokerage industry. He saw where the industry was headed and always ensured he and his firm were ahead of the game. Charlie was fiercely proud of the role that food brokers play in the market and was a vocal and respected advocate that advanced the profession."

The industry awarded Charlie the Golden Pencil in 1994–a great tribute to a wonderful man who gave so much to this industry, his family and community.

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