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Italpasta donates 10,000 lbs. of pasta to Slave Lake


Brampton, Ont.’s Italian food company Italpasta Limited has partnered with the Athabasca Good Samaritan Mission to bring more than 10,000 lbs. of pasta to residents of Slave Lake displaced by the fires that have ravaged their homes and town.

The donation includes 264 cases of Italpasta spaghetti, 110 cases of Italpasta elbow macaroni, and 96 cases of Italpasta macaroni and cheese dinner.
“We believe in good corporate citizenship.  Giving back  is a core foundation at Italpasta, practiced from the start, as we grew from the ground up.  We are founded by thankful immigrants who benefited from the wonderful opportunities this great nation of Canada provided, now we can help others,” said Frank Demichino, executive vice-president, Italpasta Limited.

The Athabasca Good Samaritan Mission is a key location where a significant number of the residents currently displaced by the tragic fires have been cared for with meals, supplies and lodging.

Almost all 7,000 Slave Lake residents had been evacuated from their homes over a week ago with hundreds going to evacuation shelters in Athabasca, Westlock and Edmonton.

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