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Keurig unveils K-Rounds, new Alta brewer

Company introduces multi-year ‘innovation agenda’
Jillian Morgan, female, digital editor for Canadian Grocer
keurig alta
Keurig Alta

Keurig is introducing circular plastic-free coffee pods as it develops a new home brewer, Alta.

The company revealed a new, multi-year plan today (March 13) to re-envision its single-serve coffee system and portfolio of products. 

K-Rounds pods are created from roasted coffee beans that are ground, pressed and wrapped in a proprietary, protective plant-based coating.

The round pods will work in the new Keurig Alta machine, which will allow consumers to make hot and cold “barista-style” neverages. 

After brewing, K-Rounds can be disposed of like coffee grounds, and are expected to be certified compostable as the company is currently working through the certification process. 

The new Alta will also provide the option to brew existing K-Cup pods.

Beta testing on the system will begin as early as this fall.

"Thirty years ago, Keurig changed the way consumers brewed coffee, with the introduction of the K-Cup pod single serve coffee system. Today, we are applying all our expertise to create a revolutionary new system that will redefine how consumers will brew coffee for decades to come. Our ambitious agenda reflects our commitment to providing variety, quality, value, and sustainability to the 45 million North American coffee consumers who currently use Keurig brewers and the millions of potential new households who will discover the benefits of a perfect cup of coffee prepared effortlessly in their home," chairman and CEO Bob Gamgort said in a press release.

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