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Kinder Surprise videos are thrilling kids online

Slew of online videos show adults unwrapping chocolate eggs

Watching a child open a Kinder Surprise egg is fun, but is there any allure to watching an adult open one in an online video?

The YouTube views don't lie--the answer is a resounding "yes."

A collection of videos on YouTube has been part of a somewhat puzzling Internet phenomenon: watching closeup video of adults peeling open an assortment of Kinder Surprise eggs as they describe the toys and treats inside.

One video (which runs for more than 14 minutes) shows eggs related to various Disney movies and characters being opened; it has received more than 205 million views since being posted last year.

According to Dr. Dawn DeCunha of Markham, Ont.'s Psychologist Works, these videos are engaging for kids to watch online because they motivate their senses. In a recent article published in the Toronto Star, DeCunha notes the videos offer uptempo music, vibrant colors, are easy to follow and contain surprise after surprise in every egg--all perfect features to keep kids between four and seven in particular entertained.

The popular YouTube videos referenced in the article have been posted by a user named "FunToyzCollector," not Ferrero Canada. This user's YouTube channel is devoted to kid-friendly videos that feature the host reviewing and playing with toys ranging from Play-Doh to Hello Kitty products.

The potential benefit for Kinder Surprise egg sales is clear: as a child watches the videos their mood improves and they start to feel good about watching, says DeCunha, "then they want the product."

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