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Kraft's program to improve access to food for those in need


After last week's 2011 Hunger Count Report that showed food bank usage remains high, Kraft Canada is introducing Kraft Food for Families. The progrm, designed in partnership with Food Banks Canada, will enable Canadians to help improve access to food for those in need.

Canadians can support their community's needs by simply signing their name online at For each virtual signature received between now and January 31, Kraft Food for Families will donate $1 to help one of 30 local food banks in need.

The funds will go towards paying for resources food banks need to serve their community over the long term, including freezers, shelves and storage rooms.

Food banks will also use the funds to purchase food.

In addition, the food bank that receives the most online support will receive an additional $10,000 in support from Kraft Food for Families.

"As Canada's leading food company, Kraft Canada is committed to enabling Canadians to make a difference locally–especially when that difference involves helping to fight hunger," said Dino Bianco, president, Kraft Canada.  "With Kraft Food for Families, we are simplifying the act of giving back and supporting food banks in their quest to have a direct impact in communities across Canada."

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