Kroger betting on food-focused supercentres

The U.S.

U.S. grocery chain Kroger has recently opened two larger format stores, each at 133,000-sq.-ft., in efforts to supersize its food experience.

The chain, based in Cincinnati, is building Kroger Marketplaces that are being dubbed food-focused supercentres.

The Kroger Marketplace in Centerville, outside Dayton, Ohio, is the largest Kroger concept store, at 147,000-sq.-ft.

Marketplaces can offer everything from fresh sushi to a drive-through pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers and a tasting area for wine/beer.

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In other Kroger news, a Colloquy report says the chain may be eyeing Canada for expansion.

The chain, which is making a bid for another U.S. chain, Harris Teeter, could consider a move to Canada, say some experts, if U.S. acquisitions prove to be too pricey.

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