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Kruger Products is leading the tissue industry to new heights


If you thought household paper tissue products were just ordinary commodities, you need to read this.

In its latest venture to invest in the future, Kruger Products is integrating $25M of leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to advance supply chain capabilities across the company.

Why Does Household Paper Tissue Need AI?

When consumers shop, they expect to find the items they want. Leveraging our investment in AI at our new Sherbrooke, Quebec plant, we will develop a virtual model of the plant’s entire supply chain and use real-time data enhanced with predictive and prescriptive AI capabilities to improve performance in various areas, including raw material procurement, production, planning, equipment maintenance, logistics and risk management. It will also give the team more control over every point along the supply chain resulting in increased product quality, availability, and competitiveness in the market, which culminate to better serve customers and consumers. All areas of the company working together to ensure that there is bathroom and facial tissue, and paper towels at the store for consumers when they need it.

Looking to be Part of Something Bigger?

The AI technology brings Kruger Products’ mission of making everyday life more comfortable to life by improving the company’s overall business and sustainability performance. The AI technology will help shrink its environmental footprint through lower GHG emissions, increased energy efficiency and reduced waste.

As an industry leader Kruger Products is driven by innovation, enabling knowledge-sharing and enhancing expertise as it works to transform the industry with world-class technology. This investment represents an opportunity to join other global leaders in the adoption of AI to improve how businesses are managed.

Inspired by innovation? Expect to do something great at Kruger Products.

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