A little vino next to the Slurpee at 7-11

The c-store operator is offering upscale wines at some U.S.

In a move to upscale its image, the U.S.'s biggest c-store chain has started selling premium wines retailing for $19.99 at 700 outlets.

A USA Today report said that 7-Eleven is looking to appeal to upper-scale millennial (ages 21 to 34, whose incomes exceed $65,000), a group the retailer is looking at for future store growth.

"Typically, people might head to the grocery store to find a new wine, but our guests have been pleasantly surprised to learn what a broad selection of great quality wines their neighborhood 7-Eleven store has … and at good prices," said Greg Manzer, 7-Eleven's market manager for 110 stores in northern Virginia in a release. "We want to be a wine destination, and these new, ultra-premium wines are giving local wine-lovers another reason to consider 7-Eleven when looking for a good bottle to enjoy."

The retailer will offer a fine wine program in a special display (see photo, left) with signage "Fine wines under $19.99."

Earlier the chain started selling healthier snacks in the same vein. READ: Healthy, gourmet snacking at the 7-11?

Just in time for the holidays, 7-Eleven will carry a $54.99 bottle of Stag's Leap wine at some 300 stores. Interesting, the average bottle of wine at 7-Eleven costs $6.

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