Loblaw and WWF's "fur-ocious" sustainable seafood campaign


Turns out, cats and fish aren’t mortal enemies. At least not for Norman, a house cat featured in a new WWF Canada video, who is determined to help maintain healthy fish populations.

The online spot promotes Loblaw’s promise to switch to 100 per cent sustainable seafood by 2013–an issue apparently near and dear to Norman’s heart.

In the video, the cat, described by the narrator as an “eco-warrior,” spends his days thinking about ways he can help the planet. He conserves water by drinking out of a toilet bowl, saves energy by knocking over lamps, researches solar energy by pawing at sun spots on a wall, and only eats sustainably sourced fish.

That’s why Norman was excited to learn that Loblaw’s conservation efforts don’t stop at the fish counter; they're store-wide.

By the end of 2013, the retailer aims to have the seafood in all of its products–whether canned, boxed or fresh–sustainably sourced and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

To Norman’s delight, that even includes cat food.

The video's launch coincided with Loblaw’s two-week seafood promotion, ending Sept. 30.

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