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Loblaw donates $2.6 million to Breakfast for Learning


Loblaw's President's Choice Children's Charity awarded $2.6 million to Breakfast for Learning to fund 4,523 programs across Canada for the 2011/2012 school year.

It's part of a $7.2 million donation to the program announced in 2012 that will support education and research programs, and student nutrition programs.

Loblaw's corporate and franchise stores have partnered with their community schools's nutrition programs.

"We know that good nutrition is fundamental to our children's health and that well-nourished children learn better. President's Choice Children's Charity is committing significant resources to help Canadian children live to their full potential. The charity supports children's health and wellness with a focus on childhood nutrition and children with disabilities," said Galen G. Weston, chair of President's Choice Children's Charity and executive chairman, Loblaw in a press release.

Research shows how children who aren't hungry do better in school.

Breakfast for Learning's funds will serve approximately 425,000 children across the country.

"President's Choice Children's Charity's generous support is so critical to our overall goal of providing children with a healthy start to life by supporting programs that make sure students do not go to school hungry," said Wendy Wong, president and CEO of Breakfast for Learning. "By providing nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and by teaching children about the importance of nutrition, together we will help them establish the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle that will last throughout their lives."

President's Choice Children's Charity's support for Breakfast for Learning is just one part of the charity's vision of improving the lives of children across Canada. It is also dedicated to helping children who are physically or developmentally challenged.

Families can receive individual grants of up to $20,000 to assist with the costs of equipment, home accessibility, respite care, developmental and physical therapy and accessible vehicles.

In 2011, the Loblaw's charity granted approximately $10 million to more than 1,800 families with children with disabilities across Canada.

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