Loblaw focused on providing health and wellness destination in 2012


Loblaw released its 5th annual CSR Report which outlines the company's key environmental and social achievements in 2011 and targets for the coming year.

There are two new component to the report: the company's CSR long-range plan (LRP) and "Canadian First" commitment.

Loblaw's CSR LRP focuses on issues that have an impact on customers, colleagues and the business in the areas of health and wellness, environmental footprint, responsible sourcing and food safety. Loblaw's "Canadian First" commitment meanwhile is a testament to sourcing locally and supporting local vendors.

"Loblaw is proud to lead by example on issues of importance to Canadians, and we embrace goal-setting as a means to keep us on track for success," said Galen G. Weston, executive chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited in a press release. "Our aspirations for positive change continue to generate excitement with our colleagues, customers and industry and fuel our desire to constantly challenge ourselves to have an impact where we can."

In 2012, Loblaw said it is focused on reducing waste within its supply chain; sourcing products responsibility with a focus on fresh products, seafood, palm oil and animal welfare; and providing a health and wellness destination for Canadians.

"We're thinking more strategically and long term about CSR now and are always looking for ways Loblaw can continue to push the limits of what is possible," said Bob Chant, senior vice-president of corporate affairs and communication, Loblaw. "We have made good progress in 2011 and are committed to moving further on our social responsible agenda in 2012."

Loblaw's business is guided by five corporate social responsibility principles: Respect the Environment, Source with Integrity, Make a Positive Difference in our Community, Reflect our Nation's Diversity and Be A Great Place to Work.

Some 2011 highlights from the report, which can be downloaded here, include: generating more than 222,000 kilowatt hours of clean carbon-free energy with photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar panels installed in four Ontario stores; converting more than 36,000 light fixtures to fluorescent technology resulting in energy savings sufficient to powering 4,700 homes for a year; and having 30 per cent of the produce sold in our stores sourced from Canadian growers.

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