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Loblaw to open 24 hr stores in several cities


Loblaw will turn some of its stores into 24-hour operations to compete with other retailers like Sobeys who are operating overnight in some locations.

"In order to accommodate our customer's needs, select stores, including Loblaws and Zehrs are open 24 hours," said Julija Hunter, vice-president of public relations, Loblaw.

It’s not a completely new venture for the retailer. In the past few years, Real Canadian Superstores were open 24 hours in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

In 2006, Wal-Mart was the first to offer 24 hour holiday hours, and since then has expanded the overnight hours to other locations.

While some charge that retailers don’t need to be open 24/7, retailers say that lights are kept on anyways to stock shelves and clean.

With the increasing number of shift workers in cities across Canada, the convenience of 24-hour shopping opportunities makes sense.

Last fall, Loblaw and the United Food and Commercial Workers union agreed on a new deal in Ontario that included 24-hour stores.

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