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London Drugs closer to winning its war on waste

The retailer reports a record year for waste diversion


London Drugs is getting one-step closer to achieving its goal of zero waste to landfill.

The B.C.-based drugstore chain’s network of 79 stores achieved 92.8% waste diversion in 2016, a record for the retailer. According to the company’s figures it diverted 12.5 million pounds of waste from city landfills.

London Drugs has made sustainability a priority in its daily operations for years, launching the What’s the Green Deal? initiative back in 2008. Under the program waste disposal is tracked at all stores and the retailer works with vendors and other partners to find ways to increase diversion rates.

The retailer also helps its customers make greener choices in-store via signage that calls out products that are more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the company provides education and awareness programs in the communities it serves as well as participating in community recycling events. At any time, customers can recycle items such as alkaline batteries, ink jet cartridges, compact fluorescent bulbs and electrical goods like VCRs, computer monitors and more at its locations.

“Our customers are our greatest ally in the war on waste,” said London Drugs’ retail operations sustainability specialist Maury McCausland in a release. “We are proud to work with them to collectively reduce our environmental impact.”

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