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A look into the future of food

From an egg substitute to a sensory technology that judges food texture, here are this year's Food Expo Innovation Awards winners

At the recent Institute of Food Technologists’ 2013 Food Expo Innovation Awards, these winners could be coming to a store near you.

The awards recognize products, ingredients, technologies, instrumentation, equipment, and services.

This years winners were: Glanbia Nutritionals' Optisol 3000 egg-replacement system, which can substitute eggs 100% in bakery products, without affecting a product’s appearance, taste, or texture; Nizo Food Research's sensory technology that can help predict the sensory effects of food innovations; PerkinElmer's AxION DSA/TOF mass spectrometry system that eliminates time-consuming food sample preparation steps and Tate & Lyle's Soda-Lo salt microspheres that cut salt content by 25–50%, without changing taste.

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