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A look at Walmart's fresh offer in Quebec


Walmart celebrated the opening of its first store in Quebec to carry a full selection of fresh groceries.

The Sainte-Dorothée store, located in Laval, is the first of three to offer a fresh selection.

"We are impressed with the high-quality of local suppliers and are delighted to bring their fresh products to our customers in Québec," said Les Mann, senior vice-president of food and consumables for Walmart Canada.

"Our customers will find locally-sourced food with the help of the Aliments du Québec logo when they visit our stores."

The Mascouche Walmart located north of Montreal will start offering fresh July 8, followed by the Lavel-East store on July 15.

Approximately 85 to 90 per cent of all local fresh products from Quebec producers will pass through the flow centre located in Vaudreuil, in southwestern Quebec.

Meanwhile local goods such as eggs, bread, milk and ice-cream will deliver directly to each store.

Along with its "Achete au Quebec" program, Walmart will being using Aliments du Quebec labelling in July to easily identify Quebec food products.

Achete au Quebec signage will also be used exclusively to identify eligible non-food items as well.

There will also be a vendor of the month program where Walmart Quebec will feature in-store promotional signage and greater product visibility.

Featured vendors will include one Achete au Quebec vendor for non-food proucts; one Ailments du Quebec vendor for groceries available in the 54 discount stores; and one Aliments du Quebec vendor for fresh products where available.

Walmart Quebec is also expanding its waste diversion program to include the recovery of organic waste in Quebec, including all packaged food products.

In addition, Walmart will add reverse vending machines to stores to allow customers to easily return their cans on consignment.

Including the three stores, as of mid-July, 143 of 327 Walmart Canada stores offer fresh groceries.



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