A look at Walmart’s latest green goal

The world's biggest company wants to go all renewable on energy

Walmart is stepping up efforts to be entirely supplied by renewable energy.

Last week, the company's worldwide CEO, Mike Duke, announced a green strategy that will see Walmart buy or produce seven billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy globally–seven times as much as in 2010.

Walmart also intends to chop 20 per cent of the energy consumed by its stores and distribution centres around the world.

“The math adds up pretty quickly–when we use less energy that’s less energy we have to buy, and that means less waste and more savings,” Duke said

Walmart’s strategy could impact more than its own operations. Just as the company’s green product policies caused CPG companies to make their products more sustainable, utilities will likely have to create more renewable energy if they want to have Walmart as a customer. Read the full story here.

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